Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser
Remove makeup with just water
It is ideal for smearproof and waterproof makeup
It is excellent for sensitive skin

MakeUp Eraser Review

We love makeup, and we include it in our daily routine. Most women do not even go out of the house without some makeup on. However, when it comes to removing it, the real work begins. Depending on what makeup you use, you may have a hard time removing it. If it is smearproof or waterproof, it is going to take you a while, and you need to use a special solution for makeup removal. But what if I told you that you can do that using a simple cloth and warm water? It is called MakeUp Eraser, ad it will change your makeup removal routine.

What is MakeUp Eraser and how does it work?

Think about a makeup removal wipe, only that you can wash it 1000 times before you can throw it away. That is MakeUp Eraser for you. It is a piece of cloth that is meant to remove your makeup from your face, but you can still use it after you wash it.

The way it works is pretty straightforward. When you want to remove the makeup off your face, turn on the water on your faucet, make sure that it is warm, out the MakeUp Eraser under the faucet just to damp it, and then use it to wipe your face using circular motions. The makeup will be gone in just a minute, and you do not even have to make too much of an effort. That how great the MakeUp Eraser is, and that is why women all around the world go crazy about it.

Why is the makeup removal so important?

Ski care, as well as makeup, have no negative impacts on the skin. Dermatologists agree that it does not cause adverse reactions, even for women who have issues such as acne. However, that only applies when the skin gets the proper care, and the makeup is removed every day. Here are the primary reasons why you should remove your makeup and give your skin an adequate cleaning each evening:

  • The cleaning process removes cosmetics, dirt, and impurities – during the day, the surface of your skin accumulates all kinds of impurities and dirt. Whether you stay at home or go to work, there are pollutants everywhere, including dust particles. If they are not removed, they can cause your skin to become irritated, and it will age faster. I assume no woman wants that. If you remove your makeup and clean your skin every night, your skin will not suffer. Thus you will have healthier skin.
  • It decreases the chance of getting pimples and blackheads – I do not know about you, but when I skip one evening in which I clean my skin, it fights back in terms of pimples and They are sure to come up the next day. However, if you clean your face every night, the chances of that happening are slim to none. Of course, if you are prone to developing those nasty things that ruin your days, you must take some extra precaution, but not cleaning your face can lead to a bad outbreak.
  • It eliminated dead skin – as you may already know, our skin regenerates. However, the dead skin cells are not simply falling on their You need to remove them. From time to time, women do some microdermabrasion or use facial exfoliants, but the important thing here is to remove them. Having a healthy cleaning routine every evening can help with that. And as a result, your skin will regenerate faster.
  • It can stimulate the skin’s microcirculation – since you massage your face every time you clean it, the face’s microcirculation is enhanced. More oxygen will reach the skin cells, and it can lead to a healthier and more radiant complexion.
  • Your skin will breathe better – when you remove all that dirt and dead skin cells, your face will be able to breathe better. It is very important for many things that happen at a cellular level. For one, regeneration is faster, and since your pores are not blocked with makeup and dirt, you will not have problems with pimples and blackheads.

MakeUp Eraser – features and benefits

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While most women use all kinds of solutions to clean their face and remove their makeup, the MakeUp Eraser is enough. Instead of spending your money on makeup pads, wipes, micellar water or makeup removal milk and whatnot, you just need one thing, and that is the MakeUp Eraser. Here is why you should at least consider it:

It is cheap

As I mentioned earlier, all the makeup removal tools cost you a little bit in the long run. The soft disks are not reusable, and the cleaning solution you use does not last long. It is only a little while until you need to buy a new bottle. However, the MakeUp Eraser is a one-time investment. With only $20, you can remove your makeup from 3 to 5 years. That is because the MakeUp Eraser is reusable. After each use, you need to wash it, and you can repeat that process up to 1000 times. That is every single day for the next 3 years. Plus, we do not use makeup every day, which means an even longer lifespan. So, the point is that in the long run, the MakeUp Eraser is a lot cheaper than the conventional means of removing makeup.

It is versatile

The MakeUp Eraser has two sides. The short side is meant to remove your makeup in just a few circular moves, while the long nap side is expected to exfoliate your face. Your face will remain clean, and you will have that fresh feeling. You can get all that from a single cloth. Without it, you need to use one solution to remove the makeup, one to exfoliate, and you need another one to toning. So basically, the MakeUp Eraser is a 3-in-one skin care solution.

It is durable and reusable

The MakeUp Eraser is made of high-quality, ultra-soft, woven polyester blend fabric with a hand-sewn sateen edge. It may look and feel soft, but it is incredibly durable. You can throw it in the washing machine 1000 times, and not even then will it be torn. It may lose its use, but it will still be in one piece. The point is that for such a soft and delicate piece of fabric, the MakeUp Eraser is quite resistant.

It is excellent for sensitive skin

Women with sensitive skin always try to find the best solution for their face. It is a real struggle, even though cosmetics manufacturers promise that their skin care products are made for such a skin type. However, the MakeUp Eraser is guaranteed to gently handle your skin without causing redness and irritation. Dermatologists have analyzed and tested the MakeUp Eraser, and they all say the same thing. The MakeUp Eraser will gently handle your face without causing any adverse reactions.

Makeup removal will no longer last much time

You are probably way too familiar with how much time makeup removal takes. Depending on the makeup time, you can spend up to 20 minutes cleaning your face. You need to apply the solution, sub, wash, and then add the toning. While it may not take long for many of you, the MakeUp Eraser takes even less. All you need is put the cloth under the faucet

It is ideal for smearproof and waterproof makeup

We all know that waterproof makeup, for example, requires a particular removal solution, which is generally more expensive than the conventional one. The MakeUp Eraser, however, can handle that as well. As a result, you do not have to spend some extra cash if you want to remove it. The MakeUp Eraser will remove it just as easy as it removes the regular makeup. Not even the toughest waterproof mascara can survive the MakeUp Eraser.

My personal experience with MakeUp Eraser

Nowadays, the MakeUp Eraser is coveted by all women, and that is because of its efficacy. However, in the beginning, I was quite skeptical that it works just as advertised. I mean, nothing can be that good, right? I was soon proven wrong, and to my delight, the MakeUp Eraser works very well.

I have sensitive skin, and it will immediately turn red if I remove my makeup with a random solution. I always had to look for sensitive skin care, and there is a lot of trying until you find the perfect one. As you can expect, I spent a lot of money. A lot of the times, the product that I used and was good for my skin would be discontinued by the manufacturer, and I found myself on a new hunt for a makeup removal product. That was until I found out about MakeUp Eraser’s existence.

One of my friends has acne, and she was just as skeptical as myself, but she tried the MakeUp Eraser first. She told me that the cloth is very gentle with her already sensitive skin, which is why I decided to give it a shot as well. It was one of the best decisions I made (makeup related.) As soon as the package arrived, I decided to give it a try.

The first time I held the MakeUp Eraser in my hand, I felt like I was holding a piece of cloud. The cloth is so soft that you cannot even imagine. Plush toys are a bad joke comparing to the MakeUp Eraser. I said to myself that there was no way that thing could hurt my face. I was not wrong. I washed the cloth before using it. I just gave it a rinse in the washing machine just to make sure that is 100% clean. I recommend you do the same. That way you know for sure that there are no impurities. The process from manufacture to packaging is long, and you do not want to risk anything. After it was dry, I poured warm water over it and then began cleaning my face. Can you believe that my makeup was off in under a minute? Mascara and everything. There was no trace of makeup on my face and neck in under 60 seconds. As you can imagine, I was incredibly impressed. No other makeup removal solution ever worked that fast for me.

The real test was the waterproof makeup. I only have waterproof mascara and foundation, but I still needed a particular cleaning solution for those. One for the eyes, and the other for the rest of the face. Needless to say, I saved some money ever since I bought MakeUp Eraser. It worked like a charm as if the cloth did not even care that I was wearing waterproof makeup. It did an excellent job.

After use, I just put the MakeUp Eraser in the washing machine once more, and when the cycle was done, all that black and nude color was entirely gone. The cloth looked as good as new. Today, over a year later, the fabric looks like when I first bought it. It is still going strong. It has not lost looks or efficacy, and I could not be happier.

Final thoughts

The MakeUp Eraser has changed the way I remove my makeup, and I can guarantee that it will change your routine as well. It is available in multiple colors, not that it matters, and you will be done taking your makeup off in just a minute. You do not have to scrub hard or use several solutions. All you need is the MakeUp Eraser and some warm water. The rest is a piece of cake. Click here to buy on Amazon

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